Warrior of Light

I Am a Warrior of Light! And this is one of My Truths!

I Am the One who leads and paves the way for many others!

I Am my own Divine Authority

I Am my own Path!

I Am All and All is One.

One Love!

One Light!

One Heart!

I Am being reminded how Powerful and Stronger I’ve become.

I Am the Light within the Light

I Am All the Warriors because We Are One!

To be a Warrior of Light it doesn’t mean to allow to be overruled

But it means, to see the Light in All and show the Light to All

With the Divine Authority that I Am.

And to speak in the most wondrous way.

But even a Warrior of Light can be overtake sometimes by the physical that She/He lives in.

Sometimes is to overwhelming to so many of Us leaving in a world with so many challenges and with to many weights.

A Warrior of Light can forget sometimes who She/He Is so the reminder comes over and over again.

Being in the Light is a path but being The Light is Who We Are. We must remember this over and over again.

I Am You and You Are Me and We Are One!

We Are One Light that reflects each others the same Light no matter what.




They exist for so many reasons

They exist so that We can Be in the Heart and experience All with the Heart.

But how can We be in The Heart?

By practicing everyday, by desiring and intend that.

Practicing helps every step to be perfect and align Us with Our Self so as Devotion.

I feel stronger within and with this all Warriors of the Light are stronger as well.

We Are All Stronger!

Who We truly are is Just Love and Light of Source Creation.

We Are Source Creation with different parts, experiences and lives

And in Our Core We Remain The Source Creation Within.

The more We Awake, the more We feel Alive,

And the more We Feel the Creation within Ourselves.

One step at a time is always the right step to take.

Lets take our time

And feel what is the right thing for Us.

Let’s be Stronger and Happier with what resonates with Us

Let’s Be the One Light that lights up All even Ourselves.

Please, always take what resonates with You…

You may share if You feel guided...

In Love, Light and Service,


© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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