The World Needs a Change…

The World Needs a Change

When we decide to Change.

Change happens in the Heart

In the Sweet Heart of Us.

We are the needed change

In the Now moment that is Eternal.

Change happens when we decide

That We Are Love

When We realise that We Are Loved

That We Are The Love that We Need.

Love comes in many sizes and shapes

But the biggest Love of All

Is in Us, It´s US

We are The Love that We Ever Need.

As Eternal Souls,

We are Eternal Love and Light

In Our Essence.

Searching and Being in Our Essence

Is the ultimate quest for each Soul.

Being and staying in The Heart

Is going back Home and stay there.

This is what the World Needs:

To Stay in The Heart

To Be at Home for Ever and Ever.

Longing for Home

Is longing for Our Heart.

How sweet and wonderful it must be to stay there?!


Hmmm… Just the feeling of the word

Is Powerful enough to be there for a moment

What is Your Home like?

How can it help?

What will It bring You?

What is the thing You are longing for?

Being in the Heart

Is bringing Home to the entire World

That´s the change that this World need.

We Are the Change

We Are the World.

In Love and Light,


Poem by Ana Nunes

© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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