Sacred Breath

Hello Sacred Soul! How are You?

Like so many of You, i´m going through purging, realising, self-love, letting go, etc but it´s a challenging process for Me sometimes. I have my ups and downs, like everyone, but there are moments that are very challenging for Me. I know what I want and don´t want. My priority it´s to Be Happy (even going beyond that) but in order for Me to Be more Happy I have to let go of what doesn´t serve Me.

I know what to do but sometimes I´m caught in fears and thoughts that are aren’t good. I’m always doing my best but there’s still things within Me that are secret and deep and they are coming to the surface again. I really want to let go of all of that: people, experiences, negativity, realities, etc but these are so deep that i´m being shown again this things that no longer serve Me.

Like I said before, in another post, i´m being reminded many times what to do: sometimes is Peace, others letting go, relaxing, allowing to feel, recognise that it´s still here, to Love (which is something that is more powerful; to Love Myself and everything and everyone like never before), to release, to be easy on Me, etc.

Something that is equality important is to Breathe. Breathing is a powerful, deep and Sacred thing. When we allow and want to disconnect more and more from the mind, we go to the breathing process. It just relaxes and shuts downs the mind, provides Peace, tranquillity, Love, clarity and whatever We need. But doing this is a practice in our everyday life.

I do what I feel and what I´m guided to do everyday but there are days that are boring but even these days are necessary (it´s what I think). We have to find things that fufill our mental, emotional, physical and soul needs which can be a challenge, but again, if We allow and ask, We have what We need.

Allowing to feel, to know, to experience is important and Pure Love and Light are the keys for Ourselves and Our Lives. We have so much Wisdom, Love, Power, Light, Knowledge and so much more in Us. We Are Great Beings of Pure Love and Light all We need to do is remember this and follow Our Sacred Heart.

Breathing allows Us to connect and feel Our Sacred Heart and experience amazing things but everything happens in Divine Timing. It takes courage and Self-Love to do what We are doing and to experience everything We are experiencing. It’s not about people and things – it´s Always About Us – in this Beautiful and loving way.

I’m still working on Myself but I know that there are improvements with everything that i´ve been doing but I just need to keep going, keep praying, keep doing inner work and expect the best for Myself and My Life (and I still don’t know how to expect in a positive way but i´ll get there. Baby steps…).

I also know there’s a lot of Beings of Pure Love and Light outside of Me that are always helping and providing what I need and what is best for Me. All We need to do ask and connect with them. We Are All Capable of Great Things but first, the luggage that is slowing Us down and is not for Our highest good it needs to be dealed with.

Let’s Breath and allow True Love and Light flow in Us like the Worthy Being that We are. We are One!

Always in Love, Ana

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