In my own darkest moments

Something within Me moves

And keeps moving slowing.

Something that is so Powerful

And more Powerful that i ever imagine

Something within Me

That shows Me

Teaches Me

Reminds Me

What Is Important: Me

With All That I AM

With All That I´ve ever Been

And with All That I Will Always Be:

A Being of Source Pure Love And Light.

This Being Is All of Me

This Being Is Rising

In Divine Timing like it should.

It´s rising like never before

Is rising with such Love, Passion and Power

But such in a tender, sweet and Divine way.

Combining All Of Me

With All That Is

This Being that I AM

Becomes more Radiant than Ever

Through the trials and tribulations

I become more aware and more Shining like never before.

Something within Me wants this

Wishes this

And becomes this

Step by step,

Pain by pain

Loving more then ever

Because this is my Essence speaking it´s Truth

By Being what it Is

And by moving towards that.

I AM All That Is

In All That I AM

This Is The Truth of All of Us

We never give up

We never surrender Our Light,

Our Being,

Because We Are More Powerful then we ever been before.

This Is Me

This Is You

Dear Sister and Brother

This Is Our Essence.

Align and Be just That

Be just All That You Are

And All That You Are

Is Always All That Is."

Original poem by Ana Nunes

© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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