Rainbow Children

Hello Sacred Soul?

How are you?

Last night, when i was meditating, i understood a bit more about the Rainbow Children...

This information comes from my inner study, meditations and using specific crystals...it may or not resonate with you.

The Rainbow colours are associate with the 7 chakras and with the 7 rays. Each colour of the rainbow has the characteristics of the 7 rays and all combine in One brings a Greater Love full of Purity, Consciousness and Light.

When a Being carries the 7 colours of the rainbow with them, it means that they carry all the 7 rays within them in a balanced and unique way. This are the Rainbow Children.

Like all Beings, there´s an evolution according to each Being Soul. The Rainbow Children are very important in the Now moment bringing more Balance, Harmony, Love, Compassion, Light, Understanding and much more.

Their vibration is very unique because it´s a rainbow colour vibration. With this Rainbow Beings, this planet will be placed in a much better way by balacing, healing and helping with whatever the planet needs so as it´s Beings.

Their mission is Sacred and unique, according with their Soul needs, but they will bring greater joy, happiness, colour and Love to everything and everyone.

They will lead the way with the 7 rays within them for the Highest good of All. They take their mission seriously and beautifully. All of them are about serving with their Soul and Sacred Heart. They will open Hearts and Souls for different things and in different ways. They are very loving, easy, accepting and caring. With them is all about happiness and joy. Their are easy to handle if you understand them and know them.

Their vibration, a combination with the 7 rays, is very high and pure. They use their talents, gitfts and abilities with the mastery of the 7 rays in One unique way. "All is One".

They have a connection as well with the Sun energy due the fact that the Sun is a Diamond. The same way that you can see the rainbow when it rains, you can also see the rainbow trought the Sun Light when it hits a crystal, for example.

With the Sun, they carry a more pure and Diamond Light if they are meant to work with the Sun and it´s codes.

They are also Warrious of the Light with a very sharpe mind and Heart and they will sucedeed with their mission and goals.

Usually they are very easy, simple, joyful and happy Beings who will use they Heart to heal, conduct Light and Love to help those in need including animals. They have a very strong and unique way with the animals and animals rights.

They also bring the quality of Hope and they transmit it with such Confidence and Truth.

Connecting with them, could be a delightful experience for those who are ready for that and understand them.

Allowing them to connect with us and be in our lives is going to be a colourful roller coaster journey full of the 7 rays of Light meaning, that we will have a rainbow life and path with this extraordinary Beings.

Their Origem is from different places of the Galaxies, Universe, Cosmos, Stars and even Heavens. Some of this Children are Angels with unique trades for the world and usually they are very discret and sensible. They enjoy more easy, joyful and peaceful people and enviroments.

The Warrior Light Rainbow Children have a more strong and a like warrior energy from the Stars, different Galaxies and other places. They are all about protecting in a loving and sacred way. You can associate some of this warriors Beings energy with Archangel´s Michael energy.

This Children are a part of the World´s New Golden Age bringing their coulourful rainbow energy every where they go.

They will step up the game with a more conscious approach and sensibilty for the big masses. They will Light the Way with their Light, Knowledge and knowning.

They are apart of the of the Golden Future of the New Earth.

Thanks for reading it.

Thanks for the Love, Support and comments.

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In Love and Light,


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