Poem for the Divine Feminine

“My body is a Diamond rock

Is within it that All Is

And All I know

It’s it Brilliance that allows

Everything to flow:

The Love,

The Light,

The wisdom.

Oh Dear Heart,

Together, You and my Body, Are One!

One in All

One in Union

One in Love

One in Respect


We are unbeatable!

To must Love You,

I must understand it All

I must understand

What is to be a Divine Feminine

What is a Divine Feminine?

Is it the sensuality?

Is it the perfect body?

Is Her nature?

What is a Divine Feminine?

I long to know

And understand once more this

Her Beauty,

Her Natural way of Being

Her Intuition

Her Power

Her Perfection in All she does and Is

Her perfect body with perfect and sacred curves

Her smile so genuine

Her Essence so unique and so Sacred.

What is the Divine Feminine again?

Who are We Divine Feminine?

Do you remember Sweet Sister?

Do you remember at All?

Can You Remember?

Will you remember

The tremendous Force of Life and Sacredness that You Are?

There’s only one way to know!

Close your eyes,

And call forward the Divine Feminine

That You Are

And just Be,

Just Feel,

Just Allow,

Let it flow

That precious stone

Of uniqueness that You Are.

Just allow it to flow…

Can you feel Now Sweet Sister?

Can you feel this tremendous Power

And Beauty that You are,

That We All Are?

Feel that every time,

Where ever You go

And see and sense that

With the other Sisters

Appreciate them,

Love them,

Lighten their way,

Because when You do this,

You already understand

What Is to Be a Divine Feminine in Sacredness.

Awake that magnificent Power again,

The Power of the Divine Feminine in You

And let it shine everywhere

So that it can become an example

For many more,

And Together,

We become One Again

In Love,

In Light,

In Union.”

Poem by Ana Nunes 08.03.2020

© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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