New Eyes

Hello Sacred soul!

How are You?

The more We approach to the New Me that We are – Our Authentic Self – the more We see and do things in different and new ways. You see, the more We go Up, the more We go deep and things that weren’t being seen, are showed to Us Now.

But seen with New Eyes, is also seen other life forms in a new, beautiful, vibrating, exciting and unique way.

I’ve been delighted with the way that I see animals and insects this days… my favourite so far are Bees. To Me, they are so Beautiful and perfect. But also paying attention to different flowers, herbs, grass, trees and other natural beings is so incredible because, I see it more and more with the eyes of Love and Light and I rejoice.

I see more with the New Eyes that I asked for in whatever way.

This journey, despite all, is an amazing journey to be in. There’s ups and downs, and fears, and other stuff but the more We move forward, the more We learn, heal, experience and grow. It can be whatever We want – easy or not – but there’s always going to be a point in our lives that We are going to realise how much We did, how much We accomplished, how much We endure, how We are doing Our best, etc.

There’s always something to remember, to do, to improve and one of the things that I realised is to Be easy with Myself, understand Myself and do what feels right for me and/or do what I’m guided to.

There’s so much happening in World right Now and even in Us and Our lives and that can be confused, draining so instated of connecting with others and the outer world, go and disconnect with that and connect to You and Pure Love and Light. We all have something different to do, to teach/learn, to see, to be, etc and only Us – deep down inside – knows what it is. Be intuitive, Be Authentic, Be your own discernment and search within what You truly deserve, need and ask for.

We learn sometimes something with another person but living in their reality/world can be quite challenging, hurtful, draining and we can be pulled to something that is not ours and it’s not for our highest good.

It’s so important for us to Be Who We Truly Are. To Be with that part of us that wants so much to connect again. Don’t You miss Home/Yourself? I Do. Sometimes I cry because of it. Sometimes I cry because I feel or remember Home – different Homes that I have and I Believe We all have – and the more I search and pray, I give my steps towards that. This steps are made with extraordinary Beings of Pure Love and Light that are by my side encouraging Me, guiding me, Loving me, showing Me My path and what I’m supposed to see and do.

One of the things that I’ve learned is that there’s no right or wrong because All are experiences that each of Us chooses for what ever reason. Another thing that I’ve learned is to be in the Sacred Heart because in this space I can see/sense and Be in a neutral zone and hear and walk my path as I’m supposed to. I’m still working on this…

Everything should Be seen by All of Us with fresh New Eyes. There’s always something that We see differently even if it is Us/Our Live.

See and seek with the New Eyes, and You see it all.

You may share if You wish...

I love You!

With Love and Light to All of You,


© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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