Mother Soul

I Am the unseen Beauty I Am the unseen face I Am the one who cries in silence I Am that Soul That is looking for something more… I’m looking for that part of Me That is unseen, unsealed and unbroken I Am the sweetness of All I Am my best when I Am with Me I Am my authentic self when I don’t care I Am All when I’m caring for so many I Am that voice that many don’t want to Be I Am that voice that many don’t want hear And I Am that voice that changes so much. I Am Me when I Am with Myself And I realised that I can be my best That I do my best every time. I Am the support that I need I Am the voice that I need I Am the Truth of my own I Am the One who sees more When looking with Love. I Am what many need But not many want Me I Am the Hope for All I Am the hidden secret And hidden voice I am the voice that Heavens hears I Am One with All When I Am at my best. I Am what I need now and always I Am with You when You need I Am what i’ve been looking for. I Am looking and finding Myself When I go deeper and deeper Because this is my Essence And I say to Myself, When I find Myself Over and over again “I Love You” And I just want to be with You forever. I Am a Beautiful Soul I Am a Sacred Soul All of Me is Perfect Just as I Am I Am Divine Feminine And I Love Myself just as I Am. With such Love You were Created To live in Love. In each breath of Yours You exhale Beauty like never unseen. Your natural way Shows the way To many others Because only You Have that Power. Your uniqueness It’s shown everywhere From the Bees To the Elephants And All that You Create and Are! Your Love and Patience Goes from far a way But still You remain Centred And Peaceful Loving with such Simplicity And Beauty For All that You create And for All That leaves in You. Always passionate about All And ways showing the Path No matter what.

Always being understanding

And always forgiving.

“I Love You!”

Is Your everyday statement

To All and each of Us

And in this Way and Truth

You remain and remember.

May We Love You

The way that You Love Us

And then We will know All

Once again.

I say with a Golden Heart

“I Love You too!”

And with gratitude I say,

I Am Gaia

I Am Gaia

I Am Gaia

Share if with others if You feel.

I Love You!


© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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