Look at the Stars...

Looking at the dark blue sky

Something wordeful lies in it

Something so tremendous and Beautiful

Something so unique and unseen

In any where else

Stars, Stars, and more Stars...

And then when you dream of Stars

Or when you see them in your visison

You see more and more Stars

And they are so precious and so many

But if you look within You,

You also are a Star

Full of potencial and Beauty

And dust and Light

And Magic.

Oh, Dear

How can we stop loving such Star?

So vibrante and extraordinary.

We should look more at the Star we Are

And the extraordinary Light within it.

Stars, Stars, Stars...

I see You in my vision often

And i Know You Are looking at Me

Guiding Me,

Loving Me,

Showing Me the Way.

I know there´s a lot of Love in there just for Me

The Love of the Star Families that I Miss

That I Love!

I wish i could be there with You now

Star Families, so that i could receive

The Hug,

The Kiss,

The Love

That i´m longing for a such long time....

But this connection

Is unbroken

And so, I still look and see the Stars

And connect with the Love within them.

I Love You

And I know You Love Me too.

Poem by Ana Nunes

Thanks for reading it.

Thanks for the Love, Support and comments.

You may share

In Love and Light,


© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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