Life Flows...

Life flows from head to toe

In the imense Beautity and Love

That Life Is

All Pure

All Uncompromised

All Sacred

Like Life Is

Life occurs in the most Sacred and Miraculous way

Because that´s Life way of Being

From the most tiny to the most greater thing

Life is All and flows in All

Life flows through Me and You

Like Life prefers

And by allowing Life in Us

We allow Source Creation to live in Us

More and more and more...

Until We reach a point

That we Are Source Creation in All of Who We Are

Allowing this is living in this way,

It´s also remembering where We came from

Is Being at Home once again and finally

And for the most, We Are Again at Home

Where everything starts and never ends.

Where we should never ever had left

But the funny thing about living Home

Is remembering how it was

And longing to be there again!

So allow Life to take You where You need to go and be

And by doing this,Life flows again and again

And sends You back to the place

Where Life is what always Is: Home.

This is where We all Belong and return on day...

Have a happy and guided Life

And just allow your Sacred Heart guide You to Home.

Poem by Ana Nunes.

© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

#TiShaEh #poem #LifeFlows

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