Guided Meditation for Breathing and Self-Expressing with Light Language Healing Tones

Hello Sacred Soul! How are You?

With this video, I guide You to practice breathing and connect with Your Sacred Heart and at the same time, to express what You need.

We live in a time where We need to find Ourselves and Be Ourselves just for Ourselves and nobody else. Breathing is a way to relaxe and to go within but it´s also very needed when We are going through challanges in Our lives.

Self-Expression is something that is lost, in a way, so by allowing Our true Self-Expression to come foward, We just need to ask Ourselves what do We need to express. Self-Expressing is another way of Freedom. The main point here, is to express Yourself naturally and intuitively in whatever way You need. Allow and Be present within Yourself and step by step, You and All changes.

In Love and Service, With Blessings, Ana You may share if You feel guidance...

© 2020 Kai Ashara by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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