For the Sacred Divine Masculine....

Good Morning Sacred Souls?

How are You?

For the Sacred Divine Masculine....

"In the sweetness of Love and Light

That are so Pure,

The Sacred Divine Masculine

Searches for again.

In The Heart of the Sacred Divine Feminine

He will return once again,

Full of such Brilliance.

This happens after a long time in the Darkness

With commitment and dedication.

But something changes...

A longing for the Sweetness and Purity

Of the Sacred Divine Feminine.

A longing that is deep and sensed.

A longing for Home again

And to Home He returns one day

Where She keeps waiting for Him

So that She can feel His

Sacred Love, Honour, Huge and Protection.

After a long time,

The Sacred Divine Masculine will Return

To His Sacred Lover,

The One that He longs for....

He Will Return Home Again"

Poem by Ana Nunes

Thank You for Your Love and Support.

You may share...

I Love You Sacred Divine Feminine!

I Love You Sacred Divine Masculine!

© 2020 Kai Ashara by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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