Sacred Soul,

Have You ever consider Yourself as You Are?

Have You ever think about Yourself as the Light that You Are?

Have You ever looked at the Stars or saw in Your Vision the Stars?

All is Together and All Is Connection. I Am connected to You through my Sacred Heart but at the same time, Me, You and All Life (beyond this planet as well) Are One, Are a Team, just simply Are.

I Am Your Love and You are My Love. I feed Myself with Your Love and You feed Yourselves with My Love. The more we work on ourselves the more Our Love grows and becomes something beyond anything We ever experienced or though.

I Am You and You are Me. We Are reflections of one another and the more Light and Love we work, enhance, create,… in Ourselves and Our Lives the more We reflect that to another, to planet, to the different parts of Us… We reflect what We Become. And who are We again?

Look at Your Soul mirror and the Light in You and the Light that You are. By doing this, not only You see who You are but You reflect that same image/Light to All. Isn’t this Beautiful and Magical but at the same time easy?

Isn’t All Creation stunning and simple and Beautiful at the same?

Have you ever spent some time to look at Creation in All that Is and around You? For example the Stars, the Bees, Flowers, the Sun and Moon, People, Yourself. Contemplation of All is what We need to accomplish and do. Contemplating Life is contemplating Nature, Gaia, You, Me, Everyone, the Stars and All Creation. Is valuing All.

Within each Light of All Creation is the Path, Knowledge and everything else We need to understand and undergo with all of Our experiences. Within this, Is Source Creation and understanding the different but all parts of All Creation, is to understand Source Creation.

I Am Source Creation.

You are Source Creation.

All Is Source Creation in It’s simplicity, Beauty and Life.

All Is Simple as it should Be.

Fly away and live Life as the Source Creation that You/We Are.

In Love and Light,


P.S. You may share if You wish...

© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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