“Home is where the Heart lies” some say, but what exactly this means?

With my personal experience Home is my Center - The Sacred Heart – and the Sacred Heart is the purity of All life forms. It’s the “golden” bond that connects All Sacred Hearts into ONE.

All Beings have a Sacred Heart and connecting with It, allows wonderful things to flow, to be, to happen and to experience.

Many search Home in different places and with people, and in some cases Home is here too - but our first Home is our Sacred Heart. There’s so much in Here and we have all the time in world to explore, remember and Be At Home. Home is Beautiful, Peaceful, Supportive, Neutral, Magical, Love, Light…

Home is going be our harbour every time we need and it’s going to provide the wisdom, the shelter, the love and all that We need when We need it. It’s going to be like nothing We have ever experience before.

It’s time for us to go Home again and stay Here forever. We are being asked this for a long time now. We are asking this for ourselves for a long time and the time is NOW.

Being at Home is something that we need to practice (as I say) because with time we disconnected completely from It and it’s going to be baby steps to Be and Stay at Home permanently, meaning, with all the challenges and changes in Us and outside of Us, We need to find the balance and realign over and over again to Our Sacred Heart. The more We do this, the beneficial is going to be for Us and in time, it’s going to be beneficial for everyone.

Meditating with Our Sacred Heart should be a priority because the more we do this, the more we experience Home and the more we want to be Here. So many times, we are going to be reminded what we should be doing to go Home and stay.

To Me, feeling Home is wonderful and Peaceful. Sometimes I feel my Sacred Heart physically and other times, I simply just feel…

For those that are looking for Home, take a few deep breaths, relax, close your eyes and ask or put an intention to feel Your Sacred Heart. Take your time and feel It…

There’s nothing like Home because the feeling is so good that we want to reap that that over and over again.

Be adventures and go Home. You are going to have Your own experiences with It but i’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful and a magical one.

Trust, allow and let it Be.

This NOW moment is giving Us the chance to really transform ourselves into to the real Being that We Are - a Being of Love and Light - but we need to do the inner work and align, connect and work with the Beings of Pure Love and Light so that we can have an easy, enjoyable, magical and outstanding journey to Be Who We Truly Are.

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I Love You!


© 2020 Ti-Sha-Eh by Ana Nunes, All Rghts Reserved

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