"Light Language is the communication of the Light and Sacred through the Heart of each Being.

It is the sound/vibration that each Being is experiencing and channels.

It´s also each Being identity." - Ana Nunes

Any one who is interrested in Light Language Art or simply feels the connection to this type of Art, can order a piece to me but it´s always about resonating or not with their Heart what i create. 

It´s a Heart-to-Heart connection and communication that is stablished when i create to someone and this is about my Heart Knowledge and Wisdom expressing themselves.


Creation is something that starts or is birthed in a Being and it´s own process of creating can be different and vary.  

I don´t have a particular process to create... I simply allow what it needs to come to life and make sure it is in ressonance with my Heart/Soul.

Creating to me, is also about me allowing and relaxe everytime so that i can enjoy and be more open and receptive to what i need to Create.

Creating Art, in a general way, is about mostly to bring Beauty, Love, Light and Authenticty to the world and/or a person. This apllies to Light Language Art too. This art is peculliar because of the different and vibrational elements that composes the piece...

To me, there´s isn´t a specific way to explain Light Language because it means something different to everyone even for the Light Language Artists. So, this particular Art brings mostly a certain vibration and communication to another that is felt and understood with the Heart. 

How to order a piece?

Simply send me an email:

- with the sheet size you prefer

- with your full name and full address to send you the LL Art when is finished

- with questions that you might have

After this email, please do your payment and i will start your LL Art as soon as possible. When it´s finished, i´ll email you to let you know.

In the price of each Personalized Light Language Art is already included the costs of shipping, post office, package, etc

A3 Sheet

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 50x70cm Sheet
30 €

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