To book a session means that a person needs a specific help, guidance about something.

So, i will bring you the tools and guidance that are necessary in a relaxed, easy and comfortable space.

Understand that one of my goals is to help, assist and guide people to connect and have a relantionship with their own Soul, Sacred Heart and Guidance. It´s important that each person understands and values their role, the way that they communicate, guides and supports them.

They are truthfull and trustworthy.

They are the Voice within...

Every session will be a Soul to Soul experience and each will start in the begining with a preparation for grounding and tuning into your Sacred Heart and Soul and it will continue has it needs...

In the Booking Sessions bellow you can see the available sessions and choose the one(s) you need.

It´s important that you read the Booking Information in the end of the page.

Booking Sessions

1:1 Session - 1 hour - 50€

The 1:1 Session, is a more personal approach to your needs so the purpose is for me to encourage and help you to understand and trust the power of your own guidance when you are working on yourself.

Special Offer
40€ each session

Sound, Singing, Chanting Session - 1 hour - 70€

The Sound, Singing, Chanting Session (in Light Language) is a relaxation session where i will use my voice  to bring you high energies/vibrations with all of my Heart and Soul (you may receive something more).

Sound/Music/Voice are Sacred when expressed with the right vibration. It´s also another way for the Heart and Soul to express themselves...

Special Offer
50€ each session

Soul Meditation - 1 hour - 80€

Meditation is one the different ways for a person to spend time with herself, so with the Soul Meditation you will spend time with your Soul to connect and create a special bond/relantionship with it. It´s a Sacred moment with your Soul.

It´s a Soul Calling....It´s a Soul Rememberance...

This means too, that it can be a time to work with your Soul.

With this meditation you will deepen your Soul connection with my guidance and some work i may need to do.

This meditation can help with the need that some people have to connect and remember their Soul or their Soul Path.

Special Offer
60€ each session

Earth Chrystal Light - 1 hour - 100€

Earth Chrystal Light is the Sacred Heart connection to Earth Chrystal Light to strenghten that connection but also to remember and/or earn more knwoledge, vision of Earth for Sacred work/service/pratice. It´s the connection to Earth first chrystal (original) and it´s radiance for a deep cleanse and activations. 

This is a very powerfull, Sacred and beautiful session that calls the Sacred Heart and/or Soul to open more and step up to a more clear and direct action towards Earth/Nature.

I will simply guide you to connect to Earth´s Chrystal Light and support/help you with what you need.

Special Offer
70€ each session

Booking Information:

- For the moment, all sessions are via Facebook (Messenger Room) or Skype;

- I speak portuguese and english;

- Light Language will be used in all sessions;

- All bookings need to be done 2 days before each session. To cancel or reschedule any session do it 1 day before each session;

IMPORTANT: In order for me to manage everything, i ask you to contact me first before you book. In this contact tell me what is the day and time you prefer and i´ll let you know if i´m available. After this, you can use the Booking Sessions to book. Know that i work from Monday to Friday from 10AM to 6PM UK Time Zone.