My name is Ana Nunes, i´m portuguese and i am the Creator and Founder of Ti-Sha-Eh.

My Life experiences, even after my awakening, provided me the learnings, knowledge and insights that i needed to help me with a new perspective about All and Myself.

This was a reminder to me to look at myself and my Life and to start working on myself and to go within.

So my role is to teach, lead and guide others by acknowledging my experiences and to be able, heartfully and soulfully, to help them to find their own Path, finding/reminding The Self and to understand and know what they need.

It´s also about helping to Remember The Heart and it´s ways...


Spiritual Leader and Teacher


Light Language

Light Language Artist

Ti-Sha-Eh is a New Earth Universal School of Light for Higher Consciousness. It leads the way to The Self, to Love and Higher Paths. It´s led by The Heart and it shows The Path...