My name is Ana Nunes, i´m portuguese and i am the Creator and Founder of Ti-Sha-Eh.

With my experiences and path i started to understand the power and importance of Self-Love and it´s ways.

Self-Love has a way to see and feel what it is that we need. 

In time, i started to wonder what kind of work i needed to so, i found out that is was Self-Love because it ignites something within, it´s the way that it moves, the gentleness, the wisdom, the vision and more...

This helped me realized that Self-Love is the key and foundation of my work/service to others and the planet.

Self-Love is the key/doorway to All...

It´s the Inner Foundation of each Being ...

It´s the beginning of everything...

Ti-Sha-Eh is a New Earth Universal School of Light with the main purpose of helping others with Higher Consciousness.
This can only happen when we choose the path of Self-Love which helps us to see all that we need with Love. Taking this path is also about Remembering....
Self-Love is the key to create the relationship, communication and bond with our Sacred Heart, Soul, intuition and inner-guidance. This are important and one of a kind personal and Divine tools that we all have providing all we need for the journey of Self-Love, inner-work and Higher Love, Light and Consciousness.
These tools are our own Inner Foundations (as i called them) meaning that they are the Love and Light we have within and they are trustworthy, strong and real.
They lead us wisely to All We Are and All That Exists within the Highest Love and Light.

Self-Love is the key to unlock All...


Spiritual Leader and Teacher


Light Language

Light Language Artist